Manhattan Beach Post

Our Mission at Manhattan Beach Post is to proudly provide our community with a unique, valuable and exceptional dining experience based on 6 core principles:


  1. Our Guests- We are Guest first and strive to make a human connection.
  2. Our Service- We will provide engaging and thoughtful service to create memorable experiences. 
  3. Our Product- We are proud of and driven by a variety of high quality, soulful, and artisanal products that we unconditionally guarantee.
  4. Our Atmosphere- We consistently provide our Guest with a social, lively and comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Our Community- We contribute to our community, are responsible to our neighbors, are a force for positive action.
  6. Our Team- We recruit the best and cultivate our team to be fun, competitive, and work together towards our common goal.
... bringing a social community to a social table.

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